Expert Carpet Cleaning for Best Results

Steam Star Carpet and Tile Cleaning done incorrectly can make your floor look even worse. Spend less time and effort by doing it right. To begin with, remove as much dirt as you can from your carpet. The dirt on your carpet will be grit and sand. They have sharp edges which cut carpet fibers causing wear patches, especially where there is a lot of traffic. This situation will only get worse if left unattended.

This dirt is not usually removed by a vacuum that uses a paper bag, as the pores get very clogged up. When airflow becomes obstructed, the vacuum continues to be noisy, but will only push dirt further into carpets instead of sucking them into the bag. You can often get a deeper clean by using water basin-based vacuums. Good carpet cleaning companies will start with a vacuum of industrial grade to get rid of loose dust, dirt and silt before shampooing. So that when you wet down your carpet, it doesn’t become a soggy, muddy mess.

Prior to cleaning your entire carpet, stains should always be pretreated and individually examined. How a spot should be cleaned depends on two different factors. Two factors determine how a stain should be handled: the fabric of the carpet and the substance which caused it. The handling of a wool rug is different from that of a carpet made with synthetic fibers such as nylon or polyester. Do not leave a damaged or bleached spot where the old stain once was on your carpet. Many stain-removal products are specially formulated to remove different substances. The solution contains protease “aE” enzymes which break down the proteins. This can treat stains such as blood and other organic substances. Sharpie stains or very dark marks may require several carpet spot treatment products that are stronger.

Does your carpet have a residue of detergent? The fibers must be cleaned of any soapy residue. The shampoo can make the carpet stickier if it is not rinsed. This will make it more prone to dirt. Renting a carpet steam cleaner and cleaning it yourself can cause this problem. If you want to avoid the problem, look for models that automatically rinse after each stroke. A professional cleaning company will usually save you labor costs and keep your carpets cleaner for longer.

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